Hollywood’s Belle- Jennifer’s Fashion and Beauty Tips

Our Hollywood sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston reveals that she gets very cranky when she does not drink quite a lot of water per day.

This sexy 41 year old reveals that her secret for having good, healthy skin is ‘water’. She says that by keeping herself well hydrated she is able to maintain glowing skin. And, if she does not consume enough water, she can see the impact almost instantly.

She has been quoted as saying ai???I donai??i??t really have any beauty tips but drink a s**tload of water. I say, if anything, thatai??i??s the one thing Iai??i??ve noticed with my skin. If I stop drinking water, I dehydrate badly, and I get cranky. Water really works!ai???

Well, gulping down water is not her only obsession. The Bounty-Hunter star is super fascinated with well-fitting jeans. And she says she owns hundreds of pairs. She says ai??? I have a lot of pairs of jeans in my huge closet, well it is a little embarrassing. Off late, I seem to be liking to wear a lot of Degaine denim. I sort of like their slim boot-cut in the over very own classic blue colorai???

Jenny loves matching all her jeans with her lucky necklace which she wears almost everyday! She says that the gold necklace was given to her by a friend, and our lovely Jen considers the necklace to be lucky for her.

ai???It has a charm which blends good-luck symbols from all around the world. There is an elephant on the locket, a horseshoe and an owl. It is very special to meai???ai??i?? says she.

So, way to go Jen! Now we know the secret behind that hot body of yours. We sure can drink water, but wish we had someone special to give that ‘lucky’ necklace too.

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