Having Facial Moles Could Mean Fewer Wrinkles

Cindy Crawford According to the research done by King’s College London, people having moles have fewer wrinkles, stronger bones than normal, thus reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Having moles on your face is often a cause of awkwardness before, but not anymore.

People with lots of moles are more likely to have fewer wrinkles and have healthier heart, eyes and tauter muscles, according to the latest research. People with many moles are known to release some unusually long telomeres, a kind of DNA along with white blood cells, that allows it to reproduce and prevent deterioration.

Moles are the outcome of rapidly dividing cells, that cause a dark pigment or spot in the skin, often seen in childhood. And, they usually start to disappear or fade away from middle age, however in certain people, they may remain or even spread.

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