Anti-Epileptic Drugs Render 50+ Vulnerable to Fractures

An study published in the January edition of Archives of Neurology has raised doubts about the use of anti-epileptic drugs and in people over 50 years old. According to the study, 50+ patients could be vulnerable to non-traumatic fractures due to the use of these drugs.

The study involved the examination of 15,792 patients who suffered with various fractures to the hip, wrist and vertebral fractures between the years 1996-2004. After examining the data of these patients, it was found that subjects who were on anti-epileptic drugs were at a higher risk of fracturing themselves. Except for valproic acid, the use of any other anti-epileptic drug was a risky option in people aged above fifty years.

Interestingly, the patients who were at a higher risk of sustaining fractures due to these drugs were found to be suffering from less hypertension when compared to those with those no fractures.

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