FDA Approved Blood Test to Predict Heart Ailments

One out of every three heart disease patient dies. A major hindrance in the treatment process is that existing blood test only reveals whether a patient already has heart ailments or not.

A recently discovered blood test approved by the FDA can successfully predict the risk of heart disease in a patient and also provides an essential six months time frame to seek treatment. The test is accurate up to 95 percent.

It involves measuring of an enzyme known as Myeloperoxidase in the blood. This protein is produced by the white blood cells of the natural protection system or the immune system in our body.

All the complications of the heart arise when the flow of oxygen rich blood to and from this organ is disrupted by blockages. Whenever the passages of the heart, veins and arteries, develop blockages, the levels of this protein raise in the blood. This fact is used to predict the risk of heart ailments in patients by this blood test.

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