Why Do We Need Friends ai??i?? Can Friends Make Us Healthy?

Obviously friendship is the start of our childhood. Friendship is one of the most beautiful of all relations and truest of all treasures. Friendship gives you the moment of laughter, joy, sorrow and uncountable moments of fun. Friendship keeps us healthy, less stressed and more happier. You benefit a lot by having good friends than you might have thought.

A healthy friendship is good for wellness of emotional, physical and mental health. Now, researchers are paying attention to the significance of social networks and friendship in overall health. Studies done in Centre for Ageing Studies at Flinders University which is based on 1500 older people for a period of 10 years reveal that people who had big network of friends outlived those having less friends by 22%. Other studies also reveal that people with fewer friends tend to die sooner with heart attacks as compared with people having big and strong social network. So, to find out if your good friends can also make you healthy, read this article.

Why Do We Need Friends

Well, the answer of this question is a big ‘YES’. There are a few health benefits of having good friends, which are as follows:

  • Long life ai??i?? The above mentioned studies conclude that people having large social network live longer than people with fewer friends. Having a close relationship with relatives barely makes a difference, but it is friendship that matters.
  • Reduced stress levels ai??i?? There is a question why do you call your friends a day before exam? The answer is to reduce your stress levels ai??i?? be it by just having a hearty conversations or some relationship stress. All you need is a cup of coffee and some random topic to talk with your friend to get relief from those stress levels.
  • Good habits ai??i?? If you possess good friends who know the importance of good health, they will also empower the same gift on you. Friends also keep a check on you for bad eating habits. Friends can help improve your health by encouraging you to eat healthy food and adopt a healthy lifestyle habits. But, just be alert to the flip side of this as friends also reinforce one another bad habits.
  • Gym buddies ai??i?? A good gym partner is always required to get the maximum out of your effort. Of course, gym is an extremely dull place to be in. But, presence of your good companion can make it happening. When you are working out with your mate, there is always a spirit of healthy competition.
  • Share and care ai??i?? Friends are always good partners to share your sorrows and well being. When you are going for major surgery and you need support, your good friends will always be there for you. When you are going through some depressing days, friends are always there for you and your chances for survival increases several times. According to some studies published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology which was jointly conducted by University of California, Berkeley/Harvard Medical School and San Francisco that survival chances or women having breast cancer increases more when they have close friends.
  • Stay away from depression ai??i?? Friendship is the most effective treatment for depression. When fighting depression, your good friendship works like a charm as loneliness will make you more depressed and make things tough for you. According to a study done in Johns Hopkins University found that people having good friends and with active social life are less like to suffer with depression.


Individuals who possess a stronger friendship network feels they have someone to share their feelings and feel light. They feel more peaceful and relaxed, which is well connected to your good health. Thus, it is advisable to get out of your computer and make some real good friends.

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