Weight Loss and Cold Temperatures

A warm and toasty house can make you feel good during the winter but there are some researchers who say that warm temperatures play a major role in obesity.

According to the University College of London, they have analyzed many studies and examined the relation between exposing oneself to cold temperatures and burning off the calories. This was published in the Journal Obesity Reviews.

They have found an indirect evidence where the body’s response to the cold weather consists of hormonal actions and shivering that play a major role in burning the calories. When there is a regulation in the temperature of the body then it is related with weight.

Dr. Robert Eckel professor of medicine from the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, has stated that it might be possible that when people are exposed to colder temperatures, they induce certain processes that can result in weight loss. But he further adds that he is not very sure whether it has any implications for obesity.

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