Weather has Allergies Flaring Up

If you have allergies, chances are the current dry, warm spell is your enemy. Juniper, cedar, pollen and cyprus, the most common allergens, has more intensity in this season. There are several asthma and eye allergies this year that are caused due to the fickle weather. Some people are more prone to severe nasal allergies.

Dr. Daniel Kim, an allergist at Sutter Health in Santa Cruz said that, in the first week of January, there were relatively less number of people suffering from allergies and the number has been doubled in the past few weeks, including people who have not had any allergy in the past. Many people experienced runny nose, sneezing, itchy throats, crusted eyelids, swelling of eyelids, redness and itchy eyes. Kim says that the symptoms are very severe than usual. Allergic reactions are very common after a wet spell.

After raining, as it dries out, pollen bursts out and many people fall sick. In order to prevent exposure to huge amounts of dust, pollen and other allergens, Kim suggests sleeping with the windows closed and also closing them in the day.

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