Water Pollution Awareness Questioned by the Survey

Many people living in the regions of Kinnickinnic, Milwaukee and Menomonee rivers suffer from poor water quality. According to a survey through a telephone, people feel that the main reason for contamination is through sewer overflows.

This survey was made to find out whether the contamination is due to pollutants like dirt, oil, bacteria and everything that is rinsed off fields, streets, parking and lawns by melting snow and rain. The researches have come to a conclusion that the reason for water pollution is due to the runoff.

Survey results indicate that there is very little public awareness of the prominence of runoff. Runoffs contributed more to the pollution than sewer overflows. A deep tunnel waste water storage system was opened by Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. Tunnels have gradually came to a 2.6 a year and sewer overflows have also come down to 50 to 60 every year

Runoffs have become the source of around 85% of the bacteria in Menomonee River watershed.

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