Spending Less Time in Bed for Insomnia Relief

Sleep provides complete comfort and relief from all health conditions, but this is not true in the case of 5 – 20 % of insomniacs in America. The new study findings published online in the archives of internal medicine assayed 79 insomniacs, all old aged adults. They were divided into two groups.

One group was asked to – Have less sleep, Not to go to bed unless asleep and Wake up at the same time daily irrespective of sleep duration and the instructions were instantly given through personal visits and phone calls coordinated by a nurse. The other group was given printed material with the same instructions, but they were not contacted personally.

The findings showed that sleeping habits were improved drastically in more than half of the individuals in the first group. But, the second group did not show any sleep improvements. This shows that perfect management of sleep in insomniacs helps to provide relief from insomnia.

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  1. Well noted point,
    basic of insomnia caused through that not having a proper time plan for getting sleep.
    great article written in term of how to cope insomnia .

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