In Vitro Fertilization and Higher Maternity Mortality Rates

Though maternity mortality is rare but they are there is a rise in the United States for a number of reasons. British researchers have stated that in vitro related pregnancies are an additional risk for maternal death.

The major causes are blood clots and hemorrhage and the incidence is increasing because most of the pregnant women suffer from problems like diabetes, obesity and other chronic conditions. According to the British Medical Journal, IVF does present with some risks like ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome that occurs when the ovaries swell due to fertility drugs.

IVF is considered safe and more research has to be done for maternal safe, which was stated by the researchers from the United Kingdom. Women should be told about the risks related to IVF treatment. The better and clear the information about the risks before starting fertility treatment is important. Attention should be paid to stimulation regimens, pre conceptual care and pregnancy management to reduce the maternal death levels and reduce the morbidity rates.

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