Defy age with ginger

Ginger has various therapeutic properties such as anti-inflammatory, digestive, antispetic, expectorant, carminative and aphrodisiac. This is also true that ginger is the best herb to preserve your youth. Let us see how this herb maintains youth.

  • Ginger is referred to as ‘synergetic’ herb in Ayurveda, because of its innumerable medicinal properties.
  • Ginger helps boost immunity and promotes good health.
  • Ginger is rich in phenols and other volatile oils.
  • This herb is extremely beneficial for anti-aging properties.
  • It helps reduce hair loss.
  • Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, which keeps many age health related problems at bay such as arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Ginger is also considered as a wonder herb as it helps treat cold, cough, menstrual cramps, reduce morning sickness in pregnancy and controls body odor.
  • When stress level hits a woman, signs of ageing sets in at early age. Taking ginger in any form can help defy early aging signs.

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