College Freshmen Under Stress

College freshmen are feeling the pressures of recession and high school. This is affecting their emotional health, reveals an annual survey.

There is a rise in the number of students who confessed their emotional health was ai???below averageai???. Also, the percentage of students with above average emotional health also declined. Women students were more likely to think negatively about their mental health.

Campus counselors reveal many freshmen are under stress, depressed and resort to using psychiatric medicines. The brutal economy is playing on their mind. Freshmen are concerned about their college debt and future job prospects.

One of the reasons for the freshmen’s poor mental health may be self-induced pressure. Most freshmen said they had great ambition and drive. Many students think that a mere college degree will not suffice. So, they want to aim for a Ph.D. or M.B.A.

The parents of many students are unemployed, forcing them to take loans to pay fees. Besides, students are also finding it difficult to get summer jobs. All these reasons add up and are putting college freshmen under increasing stress.

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