Cleanliness Linked to Allergies and Asthma

Little girls growing in western society are supposed to be very tidy and neat. But, this cleanliness is associated with high rates of asthma and allergies in elderly women, says a new research.

Sharyn Clough, Philosopher of Oregon State University, studies on science and gender differences, said that women are more to allergies and asthma and also several autoimmune disorders.

Clough also documents several anthropological and sociological research showing that society views teenage girls differently from teenage boys, according to Oregon statement.

Girls are dresses in such a way that it does not get untidy, girls often play indoors and playtime is often supervised by the parents. This can be a cause of girls staying more tidy. There is a significant difference in amounts and germs that boys and girls are exposed to, and it explains certain health differences we notice between men and women.

However, it does not mean that parents must let their daughters play in backyard and eat all dirt. Clough says that hygiene hypothesis must be supported and that the clinicians and epidemiologists must examine their previous data through the gender.

The link between sanitation and hygiene and high rates of allergies, asthma and autoimmune diseases is referred to as hygiene hypothesis.

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