Blood Drive by Resonance Assists in the Time of Need

The weather conditions in the United States has made it very difficult for students as well as American Red Cross to conduct the blood donation camp. The snowstorms affected the major cities like Philadelphia and New York canceling around 25 blood donation drives in Ohio alone. Around, 14,000 donations got canceled and Red Cross is experiencing the lowest supply of blood in a decade.

Jennifer Kelsey a representative of donor requirement of Red Cross, said that this is the every first time that they are experiencing shortage of blood since 2004. Healthcare Service Leaders are planning to team up with Red Cross and set up a goal to collect 170 units of blood in two days.

Resonance is helping out American Red Cross by volunteering for the blood drives. There are other student groups and Alpha Phi Omega Service which are also lending a helping hand. This donated blood will be given to all the hospitals 24/7. Donated blood will be mostly given to Cleveland Clinic which is considered as one of the largest blood product users and they have around 53,000 transfusions every year.

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