Women’s life expectancy lowered by smoking past

Researchers say that life expectancy in the U.S. is majorly being affected by the lack of information regarding health in the earlier times. Due to this, the high rate of smokers 30-50 years ago has hugely minimized the life expectancy of 50+ population in recent times.

Although the number of smokers have significantly reduced than the earlier times, the mortality rate due to smoking occurs over several decades. According to WebMD, this accounts for today’s high mortality rates. Women are more susceptible and dying from smoking-related diseases, according to the National Research Council Panel.

This is happening as American women started smoking as a trend much earlier than the American men did. During the 1950’s, smoking rates were at the peak as nearly 60% of men indulged in this habit. Although, the number has drastically dropped to a mere 23% since then. On the contrary, smoking rates were highest between the 1960-1970s as 35% women smoked daily.

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