Why are you not losing weight despite going to the gym?

Many people, especially those who do not like exercising, try just about anything to lose weight and when it fails to work out, they hit the gym, expecting a miracle. Gym instructors say that many people hit the gym with preconceived objectives and ideas like wanting to lose fats just around the stomach forgetting that the body is one system that needs to be first prepared with light exercises.

Other people are impatient as they want to lose the weight in a few days and yet they gained it over many years. Some do not take diet advice given to them and since after working out at the gym one can get hungry easily, hence the person eats excessively gaining more weight.

Hence, in order to lose weight from the gym, one should choose a good gym with a knowledgeable and skilled instructor who understands how to deal with different kinds of people and temperaments.

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