Is It Okay to Exercise When You Are Sick?

So you are sick and all you want to do is stay in bed but at the same time you are wondering if itai??i??s fine for you to do a little exercise to burn the fats!

Dr. Michele Olson, a professor of exercise science at Auburn University in Montgomery, Alabama, advises that if your symptoms are above the neck. For example: headache, runny nose, sore throat and nasal congestion, then it is okay to exercise but do it a little easier than you usually do.

If you have a fever she suggests that you stay in bed and do not try exercising at all as you will inflict more pain on yourself. But hey, if you feel you need a little TLC in the way of sofa time, thatai??i??s cool too. You can always do biceps curls with that cup of chicken noodle soup.

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