Fear and Depression Grip Arthritis Patients

A recent survey conducted by the charity Arthritis Care has revealed the emotional side of patients who suffer from arthritis pains. The survey has discovered that 60 percent of the people who suffer from arthritis tend to get depressed, with the majority of them being women. Arthritis sufferers in their twenties and thirties complain of having to stay at home devoid of a social life due to the pain.

While 60 percent of the 2,263 surveyed suffered from severe depression due to the pain, 80 percent of them felt severely tired and 50 percent felt half weak. Also out of the 2,263 surveyed, 67 percent women were more scared and felt alone when compared to 50 percent men. 75 percent of them said that the pain was so worse that they could barely sleep in the night. While 33 percent complained of having problems in their relationship due to the fear and depression caused by the pain.

One can, thus understand the emotional toll in people who live with arthritis.

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