The Man Behind The 13th Zodiac

Not more than two weeks ago, the whole world got to know of the 13th sign of the Zodiac. Until now, for so long, mankind has been happy to believe and persist with the existence of 12 sun signs. The theory of the journey of the sun around the 12 heavens which was known to mankind until now has to now take a back seat. Let us see where this 13th sun sign has cropped up from.

The 12, No, 13 Constellations: The journey of the sun around the 12 constellations or the 12 heavens exist on the path that the sun takes and in one earth year, the sun travels across all these constellations which we denoted as sun signs. But in reality, the sun after passing the star Scorpius instead of entering into Sagittarius, travels for 19 days through the constellation Ophiuchus – Our new 13th sun sign.

The Man Behind the 13th Zodiac – Imhotep: Before you can draw any parallels with Arnold Vosloo’s character’s name in The Mummy, Imhotep, with whom the constellation Ophiuchus is associated was a 27th century BCE priest, physician and chief vizier (advisor) who lived in Egypt. Unlike the other sun signs, Ophiuchus is the only one that actually has an association with a man.

Imhotep, also referred to as Asclipius (son of Apollo) by the ancient Greeks, was a man of many accomplishments including the field of medicine. It is believed that he is the one who actually taught the mankind the art of healing.

Who Was Imhotep In Actuality?: Imhotep was a commoner who was born in the city of Memphis, Egypt. Although much about his earlier life remains unknown, it is believed that Imhotep was well educated and an intellect, the reason why he was chosen as the chief architect for building the step pyramids. He is also known to have acted as the chief vizier for the Pharaoh Djoser.

His knowledge as a physician and experience as a vizier served him well in matters of medical advice. Most Egyptians approached Imhotep for advice in health matters and he is rumoured to have achieved a cult status after his death.

It is believed that people saw Imhotep in their dreams and he advised them on their health concerns. His wise nature and his miraculous healing powers attained him the status of a demigod and he is the only non-royal in the Egyptian civilisation to have achieved this status.

The Serpent: As you might have observed, the 13th sun sign is represented by a serpent that is split into two by a man. As a matter of fact, Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine was a worshiper of Asclipius (Imhotep). The serpent was a symbol that was used to represent Imhotep. , thus the reason, why the serpent sign is a representation of the field of medicine.

Most traditional astrologers would beg to differ and would want to disapprove the existence of the 13th sun sign. The universe keeps expanding and moving – this is a fact. The 12 sun signs theory was designed thousands of years ago, which means the alignment of the stars has changed since then, and if physics is true, then so is the existence of the 13th Zodiac and the man behind it.

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