Social Networking Leads to Faster Intimacy Among New Couples

Shape and Men’s Fitness magazines conducted their third annual sex survey. It was found out that about four in five women and three in five men feel that social networking causes the new couples to have sex faster than the usual. Texting, Facebook and other such social networking act as catalyst for physical intimacy among the couples.

About 1,200 men and women participated in this survey. All the participants expressed their opinions and the following observations were made:

  • About 80% women and 58% men feel that the social media tools like laptops and smart phones lead to faster sex among couples.
  • Texting is the most preferred way to stay in touch with the lover. Women text far more than men (about 150% times more).
  • 70% women and 63% men use online tools like Google to screen their potential dates.
  • 65% of the participants were asked out for a date through text and 49% through Facebook message.
  • Once in a relationship, 72% women reported that they checked their current partner’s previous girlfriends’ Facebook pages.
  • When a text or a call comes while making love, 5% participants said they would see the name of the caller and 1% said they stop and take the call or read the text.
  • 43% women and 27% men reported that they got dumped through a text message.
  • 81% of respondents said that they would not “unfriend” an ex on the Facebook and 75% admitted of constantly checking their former partner’s page.

It clearly proves that social networking is, indeed, ruling our relationships.

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