Exposure to Traffic Noise Increases the Risk of Stroke

A study conducted by the researchers at the Danish Cancer Society, Copenhagen, Denmark, found a link between the traffic noise and the risk of a stroke. According to them, the exposure to the traffic noise greatly increases the risk of a stroke, especially in people above 65.

About 51,485 participants were studied for the research. The Danish researchers collected the information and studied it. They found out that every 10 decibels of increase in noise increases the chances of a stroke by 14%. This does not hold true for people below 65 years. No significant stroke risk due to nosie from the traffic was observed in them. However, for people above 65, the increase in the risk of a stroke was by 27% per 10dB of more road traffic noise.

Dr. Mette SA?rensen from the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology and the lead researcher of this study, says that this is the first time that a link between stroke and noise pollution was established. Further studies on this subject is required. She feels that such studies will help us take action against noise pollution and stop us from exposing ourselves to the traffic noise. The study is published in the European Heart Journal.

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