Breast Cancer Drugs Might Reduce Lung Cancer Risks

Researchers from the Geneva Cancer Registry have found that anti-estrogen drugs prescribed for breast cancer treatment might bring down the lung cancer risk. The results of the study are published in the online edition of in Cancer journal of the American Cancer Society, in January 2011.

The significance of the research is believed to be that it supports the earlier belief of the experts that signaling molecules hormones do play a role in the development of cancer and the hormone estrogen might promote lung cancer.

6,665 women patients were the part of this study carried out between 1980 and 2003. 46 percent of these women had anti-estrogen drugs. The occurrence of death in these was noted until 2007. The observations were:

  • 40 percent women developed lung cancer as was revealed in earlier studies on this topic.
  • The incidences of the lung cancer were the same in the both the groups (those who took the anti-estrogen drugs and those who didn’t).
  • However, 87 percent less number of deaths from lung cancer was seen in the group of women taking these drugs.

The researchers believe that further studies should be carried out to confirm the findings of the present study.

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