Tomatoes Obviate Vascular Disease Risks

The fruit-cum-vegetable tomato has got many health benefits and the recent research study reveals that tomatoes help to prevent vascular diseases. This was published in the journal “Molecular Nutrition and Food Research”. The Japanese researchers, leaded by Dr. Teruo Kawada of Kyoto University made a research study on the anti-dyslipidemic properties of tomato and find out that this specific property of tomatoes help to reduce the lipid build up and therefore arrests the onset of vascular disease. <Tomatoes Obviate Vascular Disease Risks

Dyslipidemia is a life threatening condition that can cause heart attacks and heart strokes, but itself causes no symptoms. To stave off these risks, it is important to reduce the lipid build up. Thus, tomatoes act as the natural remedies for this condition.

The researchers in this particular study focused their attention on 9-oxo-octadecadienoic acid which has got anti-dyslipidemia properties. The tests on these compound showed its potential to breakdown and oxidize the fatty acids.

Dr. Teruo Kawada stated that “attaining a compound from foodstuffs that helps in preventing the chronic diseases related to obesity is an amazing advantage”. Tomato has got the ability to manage the people avoid the risk of dyslipidemia through diet.

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