Tainted Wells need to go through More Tests

According to Environmental Protection Agency, said that all the wells in Louisa need to be tested in order know the source of contamination. These tests will help in determining the direction and extent of contamination. They will be conducted by an agency on February 7th by taking a few samples of water and soil.

Well water in this place mostly consisted of a solvent known as tetrachloroethylene used in dry cleaning and decreasing. These substance were mostly found in inactive town-owned wells. Samples of such wells is required in order to reactivate them.

The water from these should not be used for bathing or drinking purpose as they contain 9.2 milligrams of tetrachloroethylene per liter and one milligram usually equals to 1,000 micrograms. Public drinking water systems may contain around 5 micrograms of tetrachloroethylene per liter. EPA is planning to collect all the sediment samples of groundwater and also samples from the nearby lagoons.

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