Remedies to Reduce Snoring

Snoring occurs because of the narrowing of the airway passage. It also afflicts the quantity and quality of ones sleep. Narrowing of airway occurs due to abnormalities of the throat’s soft tissues or due to the bad posture while sleeping.

Following are simple remedies which help in reduce snoring:

  • Obese people snore louder because of narrowing of the airway due to the collection of fatty acid at the back of throat. Reducing weight aids in reducing fatty acid and thereby reduces snoring.
  • Change the sleeping position such as sleeping on a side assists in reducing snoring.
  • Blockage of nasal passage because of cold causes difficulty in breathing and creates vacuum in throat, that causes snoring. Use nasal decongestant sprays to clear nasal passage.
  • Do not consume liquids which contain alcohol before sleeping.
  • Sleep at regular times and do not sleep at odd hours.
  • Do not take medications which make you feel relaxed or drowsy as it relaxes the throat muscles and tongue and results in snoring.
  • Do not smoke. Smokers are more susceptible to snoring.

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