Obese People Face More Emotional Problems

According to the recent studies, obese people become more emotional compared to normal weight people. This study was released in the Australian Height and Weight Week. This study had already appeared in Australian Health Review.

Scientists had studied nearly 1200 people and gathered information on their physical and mental well-being. Researchers have found that elderly people who were obese are more prone to emotional problems. These had a significant effect on their social life.

Researchers found that old overweight people were not calm and peaceful because their healthy counterparts in the earlier month prior to the study. However, researchers have to confirm whether there is any relation between obesity and emotional problems.

Lisa Renn, the spokesperson of Dietitians Association of Australia said that this situation is like chicken egg type. Renn also said that if a person is obese, he may face physical health problems. She added that physical health problems may lower the self consciousness and esteem regarding the body image that causes depression in a person.

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