Hope for couples crushed by IVF failures

You might be one of the couples who have spent thousands trying to get pregnant only to go through all the painful experiences added to countless unsuccessful IVF. Here is a study that gives a new look in improving the chances of conception artificially.

One in four women having problems with the conception have problems with their immune systems. The studies have stated that a substance made of soya based oil called intralipid, which is used for the artificial feeding of patients with some stomach problems have more chances of getting pregnant through the procedure of IVF.

The study had nearly 100 women who suffered IVF failures repeatedly where they had an early miscarriage or the embryo was not taken in to the womb. Most of the women were around 37 years of age. 50 were given intralipid infusions and 46 were not give and the results were shocking because 10% of the women who were given this substance conceived when compared to those who were not given intralipid.

Researcher Dr. Ndukwe, stated that intralipid works by inhibiting the human body from making the destructive chemicals, which restores the immune system and said that women who had recurrent IVF failures have higher levels of TH1 cytokines that activates diseases by lowering the immune system.

It can be used by all the women except those who are allergic to eggs and soya. This could be a revolutionary effort and offers hope for those couples who are torn apart and this could be a joyous process to have a healthy baby.

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