Desmosome Understanding Can Help to Develop Natural Skin Care Remedies

Research studies made on desmosomes revealed that they could help in developing natural skin care remedies. Desmosomes are the structures which bind skin cells to one another. These structures not only develop skin resistance, but help in healing the affected skin cells.

The study was made by a group of scientists of University of Manchester, leaded by the Professor David Garrod. The findings showed that the functionality of desmosomes depend on certain molecules present in the neighboring cells. There are many closely related glue molecules each of different type in each desmosome. The gluing property of these molecules aid in promoting healing and thus maintain health of the skin. Thus, they are regarded as natural skin care remedies.

Research findings are still focusing on this issue with the help of biotechnologists to find out the correct functional chemicals of desmosomes. This will enable us understand better about the desmosomes functioning in natural skin care.

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