Boost Your Creativity With 5 Unusual Techniques!

Are you searching for the last piece of your creativity puzzle? If you are nodding yes, then try these 5 unusual research-based methods which can enhance your creativity. The most astonishing fact is that every individual is creative: all of us can innovate given the motivation to start, source of inspiration, autonomy and time. But in reality, even the most creative mind can get bored. It can either go round in circles or hit a dead end. You can try these 5 creativity boosters that will really help you to increase your creativity. Read on to discover these wonderful techniques!

Boost Your Creativity With 5 Unusual Techniques!

1. Psychological Distance
Most creative people believe in physical separation from a creative impasse by simply going for a break. Psychological distance can thus be really useful.
Useful Insight: You can try to imagine your creative task as disconnected and distant from your current location. This act can stimulate higher level of thinking.

2. Fast Forward in Time
Similar to the above method, chronological distance can be extremely useful in boosting your creativity. When you think about distance in both space and time, it seems to induce your mind to think abstractly. Hence, you tend to think more creatively.
Useful Insight: Try to frame yourself forward in time; you can imagine about your task from the perspective of a few years into the future.

Boost Your Creativity With 5 Unusual Techniques!

3. Absurdist Stimulation
The creative mind is always desperate to find the underlying meaning from various experiences. If it encounters more absurdity, then it has to work harder to find the underlying meaning.
Useful Insight: Try to read any absurdist masterpiece like Kafka’s Metamorphosis or Alice in Wonderland. This phenomenon is a ‘meaning threat.’ This actually helps to enhance creativity.

4. Use Bad Moods
Positive emotional states are associated with flexible thinking and problem solving ability. Hence, they are considered to be more conducive for creative thinking. On the contrary, negative emotions or bad moods also have the ability to boost creativity.
Useful Insight: Bad moods can eliminate creativity but you can always find ways to harness them – you might be taken aback by the outcome.

Boost Your Creativity With 5 Unusual Techniques! 1

5. Combine the Opposites
Interviews with Pulitzer Prize winning writers and 22 Nobel laureates in physics, medicine, chemistry and physiology have revealed a surprising similarity in their creative thinking process. This thought process is known as “Janusian thinking” which is named after the Roman God, Janus. This involves thinking multiple simultaneous opposites at one time.
Useful Insight: Try to set up impossible oppositions. You can try ridiculous combinations.

Boost Your Creativity With 5 Unusual Techniques! 2

Despite the difficult jargon and terminology, all these methods can be implemented in your everyday life. Choosing the path of absurdism, most resistance or combining opposites can be as easily used as choosing a gift for someone. So, start thinking about your career in a new light or think what to do in your next weekend. Remember that ‘off-duty’ creativity is as important as ‘serious’ creativity.

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