The Ideal Workout Outfit

Many of you out there have decided to get fit this year as part of your New Year’s resolution. Hence, you need to go shopping for workout clothes but are not sure of what to buy. So what guidelines should you follow?

The workout gear must be comfortable and simultaneously flattering. They should be soft against your skin because who really needs the added aggravation of a scratchy in-seam or hem when someone is shrieking ‘No pain! No gain!’

It must fit right because when you are in the throes of an intense workout wielding weights or huffing and puffing for dear life, you do not want to care how big your bum looks in what you are wearing.

Soft jersey-like fabric, the kind used to make tee shirts that retract to shape after washing, are the best kind to wear to the gym.

Preserve your decency and modesty. Just because the gym is a place you bare your body does not mean you must also bare your soul.

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