Skin Care Tips ai??i?? Straight from Selena Gomez

Well, here is one celebrity who is very much interested in enlightening her fans. Our popular and teen favorite star Selena Gomez has recently urged her fans to take good care of their skin.

This super pretty singer-cum-actress rose to fame with her highly popular Disney programme ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ where in she played the character of Alex Russo. This pleasant looking actress wants all her sweet fans to follow a few simple steps to make themselves look as glamorous and pretty as her.

The famous teen icon has three simple skin care tips. Selena says ai???Do three simple things : Exfoliate your skin, use a facial cleanser and always apply moisturizing creamai???. This 18-year old star admits that apart from her skin, she follows a very special procedure to neatly keep her locks from getting damaged.

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