Physical Activities Can Improve Walking Abilities in Osteoarthritis Patients

An online observational study that collected information from 2500 osteoarthritis patients has concluded that at least a weekly activity of two and a half hours can improve the the walking abilities of these patients.

One of the most common and prevalent forms of arthritis can cause immense damage to the knee joints causing hindrance to a person in his/her daily routine. Around 27 million American adults are known to suffer from this arthritic condition. One of the lead authors of this study, Dr. Dorothy Dunlop at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine has stated that physical activity directly implies faster walking in these patients.

Along with accelerating walking speed, one can also be relieved from other symptoms of osteoarthritis like fatigue and depression and also improve the health of bone cartilage.

According to the Federal Guidelines, it is advisable for an arthritic patient to perform the required two and a half hour physical activity in a week. If this is not possible due to stiffness or pain, one is advised to stay physically active whenever possible.

The details of this study can be found in the January issue of Arthritis & Rheumatism.

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