How to Deal with Saturn Return in Life?

Saturn return is an astrological phenomenon experienced by every individual between the ages 28-30 years. This phase of life represents the transformation from youth to adulthood in literal sense.

People go through tough times and meet radical changes in their otherwise set lifestyle. Most of them misunderstand the changes happening in this phase and curse it. How to deal with Saturn return is what this article tries to understand.

What Astrology Has to Say?
The celestial bodies occupy certain positions in the sky at the time of birth. Based on these positions, different aspects in a person’s life are influenced. One such important planet is Saturn. It takes 29 and half years to complete revolution on its orbit and return to the same position it occupied in a person’s natal chart at the time of birth.

Saturn is the planet of lessons to learn, discipline, responsibility and old age. It is a hard task master. The influences of the return of this planet to its position in the birth chart start becoming apparent from the age of 27. This phase compels us to face our worst fears and shortcomings.

Taking responsibility of the wrong decisions taking in youth is also a part of the lessons. Breakups, divorces, changing of jobs and radical shift in attitudes can be expected during this phase. For those who worked hard all along their early years, this phase is the time for rewards.

How to Deal with Saturn Return?
Firstly, awareness of such an event in life is quite beneficial. It helps us in preparing ourselves mentally for the lessons to learn. The area in which these lessons would be is dependent on the zodiac sign in which Saturn is placed in the birth chart.

Some of the extremely useful attributes to display during this phase of life are patience, perseverance and mental flexibility. A person goes through this phase thrice in a life time. Apart from the already mentioned period, the ages 58-60 years and 88-90 years also are known as the Saturn returns.

Conclusion: It is in the best interest of every person to learn the lessons in first phase itself as learning becomes increasingly difficult in later phases of the Saturn return.

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