Can Common Dairy Foods cut Diabetes Risk?

Does consumption of common dairy foods help to reduce the risk of diabetes? Are there are compounds which are present in the dairy products that are helping to reduce the risk of diabetes. Read on more to find out what the researchers have to say.

Scientists at the HSPH (Harvard School of Public Health) and collaborators from other institutions have found and identified the natural substance present in the dairy fat which may substantially lower the type 2 diabetes risks. The compound called trans-palmitoleic acid is the fatty acid which is found in the milk, yogurt butter and cheese. This compound is not produced within the body but it comes from the diet.

Research has found that the trans-palmitoleic acid might underlie the epidemiological evidence in the recent years and that diet which are rich in the dairy foods are directly linked to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and other related metabolic abnormalities.

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