Are You Fighting the Fight for Healthy Teeth?

Teeth can protect for themselves up to some extent and this is the known fact. Teeth are protected from the bacterial attack but that inflammation inside a tooth could be damaging and in extreme cases, it can lead to tooth abscess or death.

A new research published in the BioMed Centralai??i??s open access journal BMC Immunology shows that the odontoblast cells which are a part of the immune system that fights to protect the teeth from decay.

Inside the tooth there are odontoblast cells that are present between the pulp and enamel which produce a dentin layer that helps to protect the pulp from infection and wear. The research showed that when there is an attack from the bacteria, these odontoblast cells also show an immune response which produce protein messengers (chemokines) that recruit WBCs to the site of infection, antimicrobial peptides (I?-defensins) as to fight against the infection directly and pro-inflammatory signaling proteins (IL-1Ii??, IL-1I? and TNF-Ii??) in turn produce an inflammatory response.

Dr Orapin Horst also has found that this odontoblast layer produced some proteins which are involved in down-regulation if the inflammatory immune response, such as TGF-I?, IL-10 and toll-interacting protein (TOLLIP) which helps to protect the underlying softer pulp from the inflammatory damage. They also say that they targets as to control the irreversible inflammatory damage to the teeth.

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