Acne – Not just Teenagers, Troubles Adults too!

If you are thinking that acne is only a teenagers problem, then you will have to think twice. A recent study has revealed that even women, aged above 25 can also suffer from acne. Unfortunately, not all women are willing to look out for help for their skin breakouts. At least 14% of the women, approximately aged between 30-40 will try to seek help for their acne, but the rest simply choose to suffer in silence.

Experts believe that, the main reason for sever acne could be due to the changing lifestyles which result in increasing the cortisol levels, which leads to over production of oil, and ultimately resulting in acne. The theory behind this is that, when the glands produce excess oil (sebum), and when it gets trapped by the skins dead cells, they clog the pores. And, this blocked bacteria result in acne.

Treatment for Adult Acne
Acne can appear on any part of the body. And, there are many genuine treatments available to cure adult acne. You can either use acne creams or try the at-home acne cures. Take advice from a dermatologists and use mild soaps on your acne area. Wash your skin with lukewarm water and use an unperfumed cleanser.

The key to prevent acne is to simply look after your skin. Drink plenty of water and maintain healthy diet. If needed, you can use prescribed medicines to get rid of your pimples. Acne is one of the leading skin care problems, make sure you consult a specialist to overcome your acne blues.

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