The Cure of Ancient Egypt Makeup!

Egyptian Makeup
According to a study which is published in the journal Analytical Chemistry, Ancient Egypt makeup mean more than beauty…

The great look of the Queen Nefertiti and the other Egyptians meant so much more than beauty and makeup. Researchers from France discovered that this glamorous eye makeup could be used to provide a protection to infections and eye diseases.

Researcher Christian Amatore and his team said that Egyptians used lead based materials for cosmetic and makeup is included. Some Egyptians believed that this makeup was magical and they believed that whoever applied it were protected against some diseases by the God Horus and Ra. Scientist ignored the importance of lead till today.

Experts worked on Egyptian makeup boxes which are present in Louvre Museum in Paris during the earlier studies. They discovered four different lead based materials. A new study which has been recently published, showed that these materials could increase nitric oxide production upto 240 percent in the body. Nitric oxide is very important for human body.

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  2. Well i go with the ancient style of makeup so i look FABULOUS! except people think im some sort of wacko?HELP!just kidding bye!!!

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