The Biggest Mistake Which is Made by Mothers!


“Mother’s milk is a great food which works to develop babies’ immune system” say the experts. They also say that the biggest mistake which is made by mothers is stopping breastfeeding while they are sick.

Doctors attract attention on mothers that they make a huge mistake by stopping breastfeeding when they get cold or have flu. They highlight that babies should be fed mother’s milk in the first six months continuously.

They say that mother’s milk includes all the minerals that provides the baby a healthy development. They also pay attention on the importance of breastfed babies as these babies are not under the risk of getting sick when compared with other babies who are fed by regular foods.

Experts say that sickness is not a barrier against breastfeeding and anticors which provide a protection against diseases would be transferred to the baby by mother’s milk.

So relax! Mother’s milk does not transfer the microbes which cause sickness.

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