Heartbreak Prepares You For True Love

Finally, there is some good news for all those who have had their heart broken in love. Failure in love can actually bring you closer to ai???the oneai??? meant for you. This is what Dr. Gian Gonzanga, an eminent American psychologist says. He feels that people who were in a long-term relationship have an edge over the others in the dating world in spite of the heartbreak.


He goes on to explain the basis of his opinion the broken hearted feel that everything is lost once their love fails. However, instead of feeling sorry for themselves, they should look at the bigger picture. Heart break should teach them a thing or two about long-term relationship. The positives and the negatives of love should be observed. People should look for the factors that lead to the breakdown of their previous relationship. This new-found knowledge should become the guiding force in all the future relations.

It is not that people do not learn from their past mistakes. The problem is that they do not put their experience into practice. Doing so will make them ready for the true love of their life. This will also give them a more satisfying relationship.

Dr.Gian Gonzaga is a Senior Director of Research & Development at eHarmony Labs. He is presently working on the initial attraction in a relationships.

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