First Impression Counts!!!

A research carried out by the psychologists from Belgium, Canada and the United States throws light on the importance of the first impressions. Although people might change their first impressions about a person in some context, the initial impression is still the dominant one.

Bertram Gawronski, the lead author of the study and Canada Research Chair at The University of Western Ontario, says that the brain stores the experiences which violate the expectant response as just an exception to the rule. The first impression is treated as valid and the other impression is just an exception and not a rule. The participants of the study were shown either the negative or the positive information about a stranger on their computer screen. Later they were given information which was opposite to the original one. In order to study the context, the background color was changed.

It was proved that the first impression is very dominant. However, one can change it by presenting the new impression in multiple contexts. In such a scenario the first impression will lose its original power and the new one will take over. This study might help in the psychological therapy to get rid of any phobia. Greater positive result will be achieved if the therapy is carried out in different places and not just the psychologist’s clinic. The research is published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

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