Walmart to Promote Healthy Foods


Walmart, the largest retailer in the U.S., plans to make its packaged foods healthier. The retail giant will reduce sugars, fats and unhealthy salts in the foods it sells. Besides, Walmart will also lower the prices of vegetables and fruits.

This initiative is the result of discussions with First Lady Michelle Obama. Walmart’s packaged foods such as potato chips, salad dressings, canned beans, soup and rice will contain less sugars, trans fats and sodium. Walmart will also impress upon its food suppliers such as Kraft to make their foods healthier too. The company will ensure that customers are not charged extra for the healthy food.

Walmart’s proposed changes will be carried out over five years. This will give its customers the required time to adjust to new food tastes. Earlier, ConAgra Foods had also pledged to lower sodium in its foods. Nutrition experts opine these welcome changes will positively impact the health of American children and families.

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