Fasting May Reduce Heart Disease

Researches now reveal that some body cleansing activities such ai???Fastingai??? can be beneficial in reducing various heart diseases. A health registry department in Utah, kept a track of X-ray results of people who were examined for heart arteries blockage.

This study was conducted in between 1994 and 2002. Through this registry, It was possible to determine that 4,269 patients fell into the given two categories: A group who had 70% blockage of arteries and they were considered for heart diseases. The other group were considered to have no blocked artery and they were kept into no heart disease group.

According to researchers, Mormons in the group had less rate of heart diseases. Although, 61% of Mormons had heart disease, while 66% non-Mormons had heart disease. These results were same even when they used tobacco, but Mormons had lower heart diseases.

Mormons used to do fasting on Sundays and they avoid alcohol, coffee and tea. This is a weekly day of rest for them. Fasting made a big difference in heart risk. These studies reveal that there is a reduction of 39% in coronary artery disease for those who regularly fasted.

Fasting may or may not be suitable for everyone. If someone has some health problem, he should check with the medical professional before fasting.

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