Don’t Cut Back on Food During Pregnancy

Early pregnancy is the crucial time for the development of the brain and if the mother is on a strict diet or is not able to get the required nutrition then it can result in a negative impact on the growing fetus. A new study has stated that if the mother suffers from nutrient deficiency then it leads to brain problems in the fetus. This can cause lifelong implications, which can give rise to developmental problems.

According to Thomas Mcdonald a psychologist from the University of Texas Health Science Center, who has stated that brain deficits would result in reduced IQ and later lead to behavioural problems in the later phase of an individuals life. Studies have been done on baboons that is on expectant primates, who are receiving balanced diet and the others were fed 30% less than the required amounts.

Halfway through the pregnancy, the fetal brains are removed and stained, sliced and then examined under the microscope. There is a difference on how the brain cells connect and multiply. So, psychologist Mcdonald says that if you are planning to have a child then she should start thinking about the nutritional aspect as well.

He adds that women need not worry about the figure factor. They just have to concentrate on their plans of getting pregnant and also to have a healthy baby. He concludes by saying ai??? We are not trying to scare people or make people feel guiltyai???. This study is in collaboration with the U.T. Health Science Center and The Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research. This study is a part of the 18 year nutrition project that is still going on.

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