Blueberries Guard Against High Blood Pressure

According to the Harvard University and the University of East Anglis, have stated that consuming blueberries can protect you against high blood pressure. The new findings state that blueberries have bio-active compounds called Anthocyanins that offers protection against hypertension.

When compared to those who do not eat blueberries, individuals who eat at least 1 serving a week have a reduced risk of developing hypertension by 10%. Anthocyanins are from the bio-active family of compounds called the flavonoids that are found in high quantities in blueberries, raspberries, blackcurrants and blood orange juice. These flavonoids are also found in many vegetables, herbs, grains and fruits.

During the study, they found that the relation between flavonoids and hypertension, they noticed that participants consuming more of anthocyanins were 8% less likely to be diagnosed from hypertension, when compared to participants consuming lower amounts of blueberries. The effects was stronger for blueberry and those eating at least 1 serving a week, were 10 % less likely to suffer from high blood pressure.

This is the first large research to find out the effect of flavonoids on hypertension and the details of this study would be published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition next month.

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