American Red Cross Collects Eighty Seven Pints Of Blood

American Red Cross conducted a blood donation drive and collected blood from more than 80 people and this blood was provide it for victims of natural disasters. This was also conducted to prevent people from responding and preventing to emergencies. Faculty and students from the University of West Virginia came all the way to Mountainlair Ballrooms to provide a helping hand to all people who attended this camp. According to Adam Reaves a Red Cross field representative of Donor Resources, announced that around 87 pints of blood was collected in this drive. Many students enjoyed donating blood and they also helped people in need at the blood drive.

McCallister a freshman pre-sports and an exercise psychology major, donated blood nine times through American Red Cross. It is planning for another blood drive camp on February 1 2011, and they are hoping to get a greater outcome than this.

Cheryl Gergey a supervisor of communications, Allegheny Blood Services, said that people do not have time and they do not realize the importance of blood donation as they are very busy with the routine. She also said that Red Cross provides blood to 100 hospitals in West Virginia and for this around 1,200 people must donate blood each weekday. Red Cross gave away yellow “Beat Pitt” T-shirts to all the people who have participated in this drive and this was mainly to draw larger crowd for the clinic.

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