Tobacco Advertising Highly Influences Teens

It is estimated that the tobacco industry spends billions of dollars on advertising and promoting every year. Tobacco promotion increases consumption of tobacco which in turn drives people to death. The advertisements of the product can highly influence young people, especially teens are at high risk of start experimenting this deadly habit by viewing such ads alone.

Institute for Therapy and Health Research , Germany scientists and colleagues studied found 2,102 teens between the age of 10-17 who were non smokers. However, after exposing to eight commercial products and advertisements for different brands of cigarettes at different frequencies, it was found that 13% of teens had started smoking after 9 months.

Exposure to other product advertisements such as clothes, mobile telephone and clothes did not indicate smoking initiation. Exposure to tobacco advertising remained the most compelling predictor of teens smoking even after preventing other factors. The best way to reduce smoking among adolescents is to have inclusive tobacco control policies that apply to the entire population.

Tobacco companies like Philip Morris and British American Tobacco have started a public posture against teens smoking and even supported teens anti-smoking initiatives through money. However, an investigation by the ai??? The Cancer Research Campaignai??? and the ai???UK-based ASH, Action on Smoking and Healthai??? has revealed that this is just a publicity hype.

Their aim is to gain PR advantage and fend off meaning opposition on tobacco advertising, while promoting only measures which are unlikely control teen smoking and instead making it more attractive by advertising tobacco as an adult product.

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