Smoking damages your DNA within minutes

Here is an astonishing fact ai??i?? You might need about 15 minutes to bathe or take a shower, 30 minutes to watch a sitcom on TV and just 15-30 minutes for the tobacco smoke’s carcinogenic effects inhaled to damage your DNA! According to a new study from the National Chemical Association and the University of Minnesota, it is shown that mutations caused due to smoking are connected to the changes involved in the conversion of healthy cells into cancer cells.

The report found that chemicals found in tobacco actually trigger DNA mutations just within few minutes after taking a puff from your cigarette. This report appeared in the science journal, Chemical Research and Toxicology. According to Stephen Hecht, author of the study and researcher at the University of Minnesota and Masonic cancer Center, smoking will have an immediate effect on the smoker’s health.

The first group to study the way specific chemicals in tobacco lead to DNA damage which is linked to cancer in humans are the Minneapolis researchers. Their study showed that the harmful substance in tobacco ai??i?? polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons ai??i?? create a enzyme or metabolite which attacks the DNA. After 15-30 minutes smoking a cigarette, the levels of these substances rise alarmingly in the bloodstream.

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