Establish Healthy Traditions and Drive Your Winter Blues Away

The researchers at the University of Missouri have asked people to develop new healthy traditions during winters than completely avoid workouts. The researchers have found that people who avoid workouts sighting the severe cold during winters actually suffer more. Staying indoors would cause one to overindulge into foods making the matters even worse.

Nutrition and exercise physiology experts at the University are recommending activities that not only would improve the overall health of the individual but also the health of his/her family and friends.

Karen Sherbondy, a special projects coordinator at the University has asked people to identify the positive and negatives of not only oneself but also, the health of the family. She has said that, “this way a new pattern can be established and anything that affects your the health of you and your family can be avoided”.

Associate Professor Steve Pal stated the following about exercising in winters – “some is better than none and more is better than some”. He believes that trying new ways of exercises like swimming, dance classes and water aerobics is a very good way to stay active. He has also stated the importance of having fitness equipment at home during winters.

Ellen Schuster, the state specialist for extension has asked people to look for healthy recipes and asked people to try at least one new healthy food a week.

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