Effects of Pregnancy on Oral Health

Even though most individuals are aware that a good oral hygiene is very essential for both child’s and mother’s overall health, but misunderstandings about the dental care safety during pregnancy can cause the pregnant women as to avoid visiting the dentist. The fact about the dental care during pregnancy is that the dentists will create the treatment plan which is safe, essential and effective for combating those adverse effects of dental and oral disease during the pregnancy.

According to the article published in the issue of The General Dentistry, the peer-reviewed the clinical journal of AGD (The Academy of General Dentistry) in November or December, pregnant women can develop pregnancy tumors, gingivitis and gingival enlargement from mild to severe form. This is because during the period of pregnancy, a pregnant woman’s oral health will undergo significant changes.

Clinically, gingivitis during pregnancy is no different from during non-pregnancy. Generally, patients will experience inflammation and redness of the gums, increased tooth mobility and bleeding on probing. Between 30 to 100% of women during pregnancy will experience gingivitis in varying degrees.

Although inflammation and bleeding of the gums is noted in all the trimester of pregnancy, but it disappear after 3 to 6 months after the delivery. Good oral health and dental visits will help in alleviating gum inflammation. Tumors during pregnancy have been reported in about 10% of women. Pregnancy tumors are painless, red or purple in color and can also exhibit spontaneous bleeding but they are not cancerous and they disappear after the delivery.

Thus, all the above oral conditions can be easily prevented and treated with good oral hygiene and dental visits. In severe cases of pregnancy tumor, surgical removal treatment is necessary.

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