Cooling System To Reduce Chemotherapy Hair Loss

A cooling system to control hair loss risk has been launched by UK-based Paxman. This cooling system is specially designed to decrease the risk of hair loss due to chemotherapy. Paxman’s hair loss prevention systems, Orbit 1 & 11, aim to reduce distress of cancer patients, claiming that on an average 70-90% of patients do not need a wig if they use this system.

The company is one of the largest healthcare traders which will show this product at the Dubai World Trade Centre from Jan 24 -27. With trials already undertaken in Abu Dhabi and Kuwait, Paxton has been offered further opportunities and are looking forward for further possibilities.

Using the cooling system during chemotherapy will help protect the hair follicles from the chemotherapy drug and reduce the risk of hair fall. This will reduce the patient’s distress during the traumatic period and enable them to live with confidence without restricting their life.

This cooling system is made from silicone tubing, lightweight and the cooling scalp cap itself is flexible and soft, providing a comfortable cap and snug during treatment. Molding to every head size and shape, liquid coolant transfers through the scalp cap and extract heat from the scalp, helping the scalp to remain at constant and even temperature and reduce hair loss.

A former patient, Debbie Wolfe said, ai???My problem would have been much difficult without the use of the cooling system. Moreover, I would not have this much confidence to go out and may take much longer time to get back to my normal life without the cooling system.ai???

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